A new study tells us what we already knew -- the coastal communities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are going to suffer catastrophic consequences again and again as flooding becomes a more and more common occurrence for the rest of the 21st Century.  The costs of the resulting property damage will be breathtaking.  But I'm pretty sure the best solution to this challenge isn't moving the capital to Worcester.   While advocates like to focus on the Seaport as a poster child for the challenges ahead, most of East Boston, South Boston, the North End, Roxbury, and Dorchester are also in harm's way, not to mention Gloucester, Lowell, Salem and countless other coastal communities.  I agree with The Nature Conservancy's State Director that nothing less than an all hands on deck approach is essential and that all hands approach needs to include expedited legislative reform of our arcane pre-climate change laws and regulations, which make effective coastal resiliency most difficult, if not impossible.  Or there is that great new ball field in Worcester.