The Rolling Stones are my favorite band. The 1989 Steel Wheels show in Toronto was my first big concert (Start Me Up fireworks and Honky Tonk dolls were awesome) and I've continued to love their music and their personalities ever since. You'll be missed, Charlie Watts.  

So many condolences are referencing Charlie's expertise and his simple style. It wasn't about the limelight -- it was about the groove, serving the band, and of course the song (Duran Duran tweet). There is a great lesson there for client development in the legal sector. Be yourself. Be really good at what you do. And build your team to collaborate with. Get to know the strengths of others across many disciplines so you can bring clients your insights and solutions that are multi-dimensional. In a remote/hybrid environment, this takes more effort. You need to schedule conversations that once happened spontaneously in the office and you need to read those internal communications that educate you on capabilities and expertise. Our environments and how we connect have changed but the sales process remains relatively consistent. Hone your craft, be yourself, and play well with others. Just like Charlie.