For everyone who has been back in the office for a while, with an unassigned parking space in a large building, one of the perks has been being able to find a parking spot that is both regularly unoccupied and conveniently located.  Perhaps it's on a lower level, or around a corner, or on the path back to the exit - but it's ALWAYS available (even if you're arriving a bit late...), helping you start your day with a smile because it's such a treat to have a usual spot that you like, right?  

Well, that was me, too, until everything seemed to change this week.  First on Monday, then yesterday, and now today, not only was my usual spot taken by mid-morning, but my usual parking level was full instead of having hundreds of spaces available.  I told myself that it was just a coincidence, but then saw the headline for the quote below as I was making the (much longer and unfamiliar) walk from my car to the elevator: "Office Occupancy Crosses a Threshold".  Wow, instant gratification and validation, I thought to myself!  

Of course, I know that my experience this week is just anecdotal and the timing of seeing this headline is just fortuitous.  But there does seem to be a trend here, as the article confirms.  

And, regardless of your views on return-to-office policies, or on the market trends for office buildings and leases, or on the future of how companies will utilize office space, I hope everyone can agree that it's a good thing for buildings to be utilized rather than stagnating, for those in the office to be able to collaborate and socialize rather than walking down empty hallways past empty offices, and for the businesses who depend on office-related foot traffic to be thriving rather than failing - even, dare I say it, if that means going back to the days of searching for a parking spot every morning and having a slightly longer walk to the elevator.  

Now, can someone please help me find my car this afternoon!  Seriously, I'm in trouble...