During his remarks at London City Week, SEC Chairman Gensler again highlighted the SEC's new focus on climate change disclosures.  Specifically, Chairman Gensler identified climate change disclosures as his top priority, and stated that he had "asked staff to put together recommendations on mandatory company disclosures on climate risk and on human capital."

Chairman Gensler framed this focus as serving the needs of "investors [who] increasingly want to understand the climate risks of issuers," and who therefore require "consistent, comparable, decision-useful information to determine whether to invest, sell, or make a proxy vote one way or another."  Notably, Chairman Gensler stated that the SEC staff was considering "specific metrics, such as greenhouse gas emissions" in the context of these disclosures. Further, it is noteworthy that Chairman Gensler specifically referred to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) when discussing the "work of various groups" on crafting climate change disclosures. 

Chairman Gensler's remarks mainly serve to reinforce what commentators have remarked on for months:  the SEC will soon release new requirements mandating financial disclosures by public companies concerning climate change.